We are ANSYS Certified Channel Partner for Electronics, Electromagnetics and Multi-Physics Discovery Products – Sales, Training, Technical Support and Consulting Services.

Electromagnetics Infinity specializes in electromagnetic design, simulations, algorithms, measurements, as well as providing courses in microwaves and antennas fields.

Development of antennas, including smart antenna arrays for MIMO and radars, microwave devices, bio-medical electromagnetic devices, electromagnetic sensors design, scattering / RCS analysis, and EMI / EMC simulations are part of our expertise.

Using our knowledge and the world’s leading simulation tools, we propose accurate and creative solutions for complex challenges in electromagnetics.

Electromagnetics Infinity provides RF systems design for automotive applications using beamforming methods and unique antennas based on smart metasurfaces. The main advantage of such systems is enlarging communication range and SIR.  In addition, we suggest radar remote sensors based on mmWaves and AI technology.