SIwave is a software solution for power-ground plane and signal integrity analysis. It employs a powerful full-wave analysis engine to generate both frequency-domain and time-domain results. Using the highly optimized internal field solver, SIwave simulates complete board/package designs with full-wave accuracy. Simulation results can be reported graphically using advanced 2D and 3D plotting methods.

SIwave provides a seamless and integrated design flow that allows you to easily import design geometry from commercial layout packages, including:

  • Mentor Graphics Board Station, Expedition, and PADS Layout

The SIwave layout editor allows you to draw your own structure, or to modify an imported geometry. SIwave can verify and analyze complex PCBs comprising multiple arbitrarily shaped power and ground layers and any number of vias and signal traces. SI effects that can be modeled include:

  • Resonance frequencies of complete power and ground structures
  • Power and ground bounce
  • Simultaneous switching noise
  • Impedance discontinuities due to changes in signal layers or split supply planes
  • Noise coupling between signal lines and supply planes
  • Time-domain effects such as propagation delay, rise and fall times, reflections and ringing
  • Frequency-domain phenomena such as resonant modes and S, Y, and Z-parameters