Electromagnetics essentially play significant role in biomedical research. The interaction of electromagnetic fields with biological systems has been the key to relevant investigations. EM Infinity uses high resolution human body models (HBMs) which allow realistic 3D electromagnetic simulations of the medical device performance before the costly prototyping stage. The constitutive parameters (relative permittivity and conductivity) of the human tissues and organs in the HBMs are frequency dependent, so more accurate results could be obtained.

The main electromagnetic simulation applications in the biomedical field are:

  1. Radio-frequency (RF) radiation effects studies on the physiological system
  2. Electronic product development
  3. Medical device performance validation

We have a vast experience in the biomedical field, such as:

  1. Implant antennas design
  2. On-body antennas design
  3. Electromagnetic simulation solution of the problems related to the bio-engineering aspects
  4. Specific Absorption Ratio (SAR) value calculation in the human body organs, due to wireless medical devices
  5. Development of the biosensors for various medical application
  6. A deep understanding of the propagation and attenuation of the signals inside the human tissues
  7. Implant inductor based devices design for a wireless power transfer / charging system in the near field
  8. Simulating a volume current density and electric/magnetic fields inside the human body, due to an external field source or electrodes
  9. Phased array antennas design for a 3D microwave imaging and focusing systems, including algorithms development