Scattering analysis of a structure reveals how an electromagnetic wave behaves upon striking an object, whether it passes through, gets absorbed, or scatters. RCS (Radar Cross Section) analysis is essential for the design of absorbing materials, radar systems, and for the creation of RFID systems.

For instance, RCS analysis plays a crucial role in assessing the electromagnetic profile of aircraft, ships, and cars for automotive radar applications. It’s also important in the design of RFID tags, reflectarrays, and more.

Electromagnetics Infinity can perform detailed RCS simulations and analyses for these varied applications.

Using a Luneburg lens can significantly improve the monostatic radar cross section (RCS) of a target, leading to better detection and localization. For example, with a cylindrical Luneburg lens, the monostatic RCS can be increased across a broad angle. We offer design and implementation of these lenses using a cost-effective manufacturing process.