We offer various measurement services for antennas and microwave devices in a wide frequency range.

  1. S-Parameter measurements (frequency and time domain)
  2. Radiation patterns co-pol and x-pol (dBi) measurements in azimuth and elevation planes, for linear and circular polarized antennas
  3. Post-processing analysis of the measured data


We offer constitutive parameters (relative permittivity and loss tangent) measurement services for dielectric materials in a wide frequency range.

There are three major methods of extraction the constitutive parameters of dielectric lossy materials:

The first method is based on the measured reflection data because of the impedance discontinuity caused by the presence of the unknown material in a transmission line or in free space. The transmission line reflection measurements are conducted with the sample in a transmission line ended with short and open loads. In free space, the measurements are conducted using transmit and receive antennas side by side with the sample positioned in front of them. The calibration of the system is performed using a conductive plate.

The second method to extract the constitutive parameters of a sample is based on the transmission measurement data. Similarly to the reflection method, the measurements are performed in a transmission line with the sample inserted in the transmission line or in free space with the sample inserted in between the transmit and receive antennas.

The third method is based on the variation of the electrical characteristics of a resonator with and without the sample in the resonator. In the resonator method, the sensitivity and accuracy increases, if the resonator energy is mainly concentrated in the sample.