Webinar: Design and Analysis of Phased Array Antenna Using Ansys HFSS

September 02, 2021

14:00 – 15:15 ISR (Webinar + Q&A)


An antenna array is a radiating system, which consists of individual radiating elements. An antenna array may be used with and without the feeding networks. When we have an antenna array with the ability to control the phase shift of each element it is called the phased array antenna.

The advantages of using phased array antenna are higher gain, reduction of the side lobes, higher signal-to-noise ratio, beam and null steering, complex beam shaping, etc.

Phased array antennas are used in satellite communications, wireless communications, radars, medical near–field focusing, the direction of arrival applications, etc.


Join us for this webinar to learn about antenna arrays design using Ansys HFSS. Topics covered:

  1. The motivation of using antenna arrays – with and without the feeding networks
  2. Theory review of a beam steering for the phased array antennas
  3. Different examples in HFSS for phased array antennas
  4. Approaches for phased array design using simulation tools
  5. Best practices, tips and tricks for phased array design 


Vladimir Vulfin (Electromagnetics Infinity LTD)

Hen Leibovich (Ansys Inc.)